Succeed in Interviews and Get the Job you want! Complete Tips!

Topic:  Succeed in Interviews and Get the Job you want! Complete Tips! 

Three Questions from three followers:

(1) A boy:

I'm feeling so annoyed, I apply for many positions but I don't get any opportunity to a permanent job...

(2) A Girl: 

As I have a career gap many are suggesting me to put fake experience. The first is that I easily get caught during interview as I am putting fake experience. And second thing is what I feel is we don't know the office environment so others can easily find out that I don't have any experience. I am not at all understanding anything and I am not able to dare to go through fake.  I am not at all understanding anything at all. Please guide me through your suggestion for my career.  I am not understanding that why I am not able to dare to go through the fake experience.  As many others do very easily. very confusing.

(3) A girl:

I am in final year B.E with good academic records but I have failed make into any company though I have cleared aptitude in all.. I 'll b in scene of getting through but finally I 'll miss it..! I need a job as soon I 'll b passing out in spite of working hard am not able to get through.. m in distress now I have seen people who are not really hard working who are so playful in life doing mischief things are getting placed.. What should I do to overcome this distress.. Plz reply as soon as possible through message or if u r posting hide my name..!! Thank you for taking your time to read this


First, I like to tell you the trend of today.  My elder sisters would tell me when I was studying:  decades ago, they completed just 10th Std with just 60-65% of marks.  The teachers won’t offer beyond 90% those days.  They had also passed the Type writing Lower grade exams.

But, immediately after 10th std, they registered their name in Government Employment Exchange Office.  Believe or not, within a few months, they got a call from the Secretariat for interview.  My sisters attended the interview and got selected for government jobs on the spot without much competition.



When I finished my studies, I applied for jobs. During my period, getting government job also became highly competitive and time taking (even 2-3 years for a selection).  So I tried for good companies in private sector.

But, I failed in the first few interviews miserably. Because, though I could speak English to some extent, I did not have fluent English Communication in my early twenties because I studied in my regional language in Tamil in a free government school without proper teachers and without English knowing neighbours.  Even now, though I have many skills, I am not sound and proficient in English like today’s teen agers because I could not study in English medium schools because of poverty then.
That is why, I attended so many interviews like a mad though I failed again and again initially.  Why?  JUST TO LEARN THE BOLDNESS TO FACE THE STRANGERS/ PROFESSIONALS/ INTERVIEW BOARD MEMBERS AND TO ENHANCE MY FLUENCY IN ENGLISH. 

Thus, I attended more than 100+ interviews in companies and got selected in so many interviews. I had to confuse myself keeping 3-4 appointment orders in hand, to which job I should go among three.
What happened then?  After a few failures, success started.  After I gained some boldness to face the people and after giving up my inferiority complex due to poverty and Free Government schools, I started to face ANY PERSON with boldness without fear and like a friend.  Then, My success rate was 80% in the interviews I attended.

So, EXPERIENCE makes a person matured.  If you do not have experience, apply to so many jobs and gain experience by facing interviews like me.

So, keep the following points in mind:


(1) Now a days, only bold girls/ boys are recruited. One should not stop with being just as a good girl or boy.  He/ she must be a BOLD and FLUENT person in English.  Though you have affinity with your regional language, you can’t shine well in career if you do not develop English speaking.


(i) Watch News Bulletins in English News Channels as much as possible and attentively note how they pronounce the words and sentences.  Try to speak those sentences on your own in the same style.  You can learn the command of English from the talk shows in some English channels like Times Now, Republic, etc.  For example, if you watch the Arnab Gosvami’s English in Republic channel, it will be very very easy to understand.

(ii) Read only English News papers and note the sentences and words in them

(iii) Watch the Cartoon Network in English, POGO, National Geographic, Discovery channels in English that have so many conversations in understandable English.

(iv) Talk only in English with friends and family members who know some English.

(v) Spend atleast 10 minutes daily reading the English dictionary and knowing new words.

(3) Unless you speak in English though there are some mistakes, you can’t improve in English.


What are they?

(i). English fluency as said above

(ii) Skills related to your job

(iii) Leading a group of persons (this is tested through Group Discussions).

(iv) Analytical skills and trouble shooting skills (tested through written tests and typical oral questions).

(v) Friendly and cordial approach with others and uncompromising nature in producing results.
You can attend some courses on soft skills, or, atleast you can mingle with the society boldly without fear while reading books and watching videos related to soft skills.

(5) Only if you mingle with others in your surroundings without fear, you can easily face the members of your group in Group Discussion (G.D).  In a G.D, your initiative to lead others and also involving others in fulfilling the given task is tested. So, you should start the discussion first, but, should not dominate the discussion and at the same time, you should involve other members also in discussion and guide them.  This can be learnt through experience with a few failures like I learnt.
So, do not bother about failures in interviews. Learn your mistakes from your every failure.  Then, correct that mistake in the next interview.  Thus, you will become perfect in facing the interviews.

(6) When they ask about your past, never lie or bluff.  Because, if they dig into that topic, you will be caught when you tell more lies to prove the first lie. So, always speak truth to the interview members.

(7)  The interviewing members are also humans with all weaknesses and strengths.  So, do not see them like seeing  heavenly persons.  See them friendly like your senior associates and then speak with respect as well as cordiality.  The board members usually like the frank, friendly, bold and confident candidates.

(8)  Update yourself on daily events around this world.  Improve your General Knowledge. For this, just read a good English News paper daily and read all the columns like National, International, Business, Sports, etc.

(9) Register your resume with leading Job sites and also apply directly to companies through their mail ids.  Also advertise your credentials in News papers also.

(10) Among Social sites, “Linked In” can be successfully used to connect with various employers.  It gives you the facility of displaying your open profile like resume.  It is seen by employers to choose candidates.



(11) Never lie to the interviewers/ employers because, they are clever to prove that it is a lie by asking suitable questions. A lie can’t be maintained for long.  Instead of telling lie to the interviewers, admit that you do not know about the topic they ask and also assure that you are prepared to learn that aspect very soon as soon as you are given chance to work with them.

(12) As far as the work experience is concerned, be truthful to admit if you have no experience in it.  However, if you have any hobby or extra curricular activity that can help that job, you can tell them.  For example, if you are attending the interview for a public relations job, you can tell them any of your experience of having arranged many programs in your college or school successfully and such an experience can be used in this job also.  In case you ahd experience of collecting funds for your college functions, you can use that experience for a job of marketing or financial sales.

Forget your life style followed in the past.  Improve your skills from today and start to think and act boldly with others from today.  Happily face failures.  But, do not wish to fail in every attempt.  Learn from mistakes and avoid such mistakes in future.

Chart out the required skills. Plan well and acquire those skills.  Improve yourself .  Boldly display them without fear.
The success is yours next time.  All the best.



(1) You should select which job is your first and second target.

(2) Then, you have to evaluate whether you have all the required qualifications and extra skills to be considered for that job. If you select a field, you should have all the required skill set first.

(3) If you do not have anyone or two requirements, you should learn/ get that skill.

(4) Then, you have to select the right companies that can offer the required job and then apply in a professional format.

(5) Then, you have to evaluate what kind of questions can be asked in interview like about that company & products, its competitors, its past performance and plans for future growth, and how you can take part in that growth. You should also be prepared to face the questions about your family and extra curricular activities. If you have any extra curricular activity that can help in that job, you can highlight it in your application/ CV and interview.

(6) You should have decent plain dressing, decent hair style and perfect / professional body language that may please the interviewers.

(7) You should be punctual in your interview.

(8) You should learn how to make the interviewer to ask the questions known to you by answering suitably during their questioning about your family and hobbies.

(9) In many companies, they conduct written tests also. So, you have to get details from their website and plan and prepare for such written tests also.

(10) Better English Communication, bold/ fearless approach and basic computer knowledge is the MUST now a days as this world is becoming digital. Now a days, you can not get a job just by projecting your pitiful family situations. Everything is business. The employer always evaluates how much he can earn through you. If they pay more and you produce less, you will have no place in any company.

(11) Now a days, only the marks will not be sufficient. It is just for entry into the interview chamber. Only if you improve your outer and inner personalities as listed above, you can get a suitable job.

Thus, plan your career search and make yourself fit for that.