I am losing my interest in higher studies. What to do?

A male MBBS student asked like this (Name hidden):

"A personal problem in studies sir. I am unable to read continuously. I have completed MBBS. Now preparing for pg entrance exam. I am an average student in MBBS. Now I have to read for almost more than half of a day. The problem is, I am reading for some time. later I am losing interest. Exam date is near by. But I am unable to focus on studies. Ma family is worrying about my pg seat. I am hating myself,because I am unable to fulfill their wish,unable to read. How can I get command on my mind. How can I develop dedication and determination to reach this goal. Hope you will understand my problem and guide me.


First know the value of MBBS.   Lakhs of students are trying hard for a seat for MBBS in India. They write many entrance exams going pillar to post.  Many pay more than 50 lakhs for a seat in MBBS in private colleges.  Many go abroad to do MBBS because of not getting seat for MBBS.

After having completed MBBS, you say that you have no interest in studies.

Do you know the value of MBBS and higher medical studies?  Since you got a seat easily, I think, you do not realize its value.

You have got a seat that is a distant dream for thousands of students in India.  Now you are a doctor.
It seems that you have some other issue that is dominating your mind.  Hence you have this much of lack of interest in higher studies.

I know an MBBS doctor who is running his own clinic and attending more than 200 patients every day and earning more than Rs.20,000 every day.  Showing cordial approach with patients, that doctor earned reputation.  With just only one clinic and not working anywhere else, he is earning more than Rs.6 lakhs every month just attending "Out Patients (OP)".

This is the value of Medical Education.  If you show keen interest in performing your assigned duties, Lord is there to help you earn good reputation and success in your profession.  No doubt in this.

Once you become a successful doctor, people will stand in queue to give their girls in marriage to you.  And, you can help thousands of people to get rid of their diseases using your profession. 

Medical profession is a very respected as well as essential profession for the society.

Instead of becoming such an important and useful person in the society, you are confusing yourself.

If Lord is running these creations without interest and involvement, just imagine how the world will be.  Can the creations exist in order?  As said by Lord Krishna Himself in Bhagavad Gita, He Himself is performing His duties perfectly by managing all His creations.

Remember, our creator Himself is working.  Not idle.

Whereas you are losing a golden opportunity given by the Lord to serve this society.  You are very fortunate to have finished MBBS.  This is the time to serve the society.  Do not lose this opportunity given by Lord.

After completing higher studies, you can deal with advanced diseases like heart, cancer, etc and thus you can help even serious patients to get rid of their pains.

Are you going to lose this opportunity that has naturally come to you?

If you miss, you will be violating the plans of Lord to use you as a tool to help the suffering people.  Lord has much faith in us and assigns some duties to everyone of us.  We should not miss those opportunities.

Whatever your other problems may be, wake up now.  If you are digging your personal problems, you will lose your glorifying future. 

Instead, if you perform the assigned duties perfectly, ie, as a doctor, you will get all other glorifications automatically.  All your problems will become less important when you become a successful doctor with higher qualifications.

So, wake up now and complete the tasks that is awaiting your sincere attempts.  All other good things will automatically follow.


Perform your devotion to Lord simultaneously and also serve the suffering people by doing the studies assigned to you from time to time.  A doctor should not develop this much of negative vibrations within him.  This will definitely affect your future.

Start performing now as you have a sound platform that is difficult to be reached by thousands of students.

All the best.